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Can’t believe Charlie will be a month old on Monday, it’s gone so fast!

He loves our puppy poppet though :3

Start/stop labour?

I had regular painful contractions the night before last and went into maternity at 2:30, they said I wasn’t dilating more than a cm or so but his head was high and that was a worry so they kept me in all night, but when the day staff came in the next morning and checked me (the contractions had died right down by this point) they said his head was down and not movable? ergh hopefully the pains were getting his head to engage, it’s all stopped now. -_-

our 3 day old labradoodles :3


and my pelvis hurts sooo bad

like i can hardly walk without the right side of my hip/back/bum hurting

whyyyy :(

i want this baby outta here!

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I am so curious about how many are still out there….

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Seven new babies!

So me and my dog are due 2 1/2 weeks apart, but she was barking last night and went into labour 3 days early. The first pup was born about 3am, the seventh and last at around 8am. They’re so cute :3

I think this will be a good distraction to take my mind off the fact my baby still has 3 weeks in my tummy :3

37+1 today!

33+5 :)

got vaccinated against whooping cough yesterday to protect baby from it in the first few weeks of his life, my arm is aching real bad today but it’s worth it :)

my tummy is HUGE and i can locate limbs and body parts when i give my it a good squidge (baby doesn’t appreciate this much though)

need to post a belly pic soon! 

feeling impatient though, even though it would suck if he came out now because we’re still waiting on some money coming through to get the rest of his stuff.

i wish i had a time machine!